Can This Genetically Engineered Tree Help Solve Climate Change?

The article discusses research where scientists genetically engineered poplar trees to have less lignin, which makes wood rigid, using CRISPR gene editing and AI. This could make lumber production more efficient and sustainable, helping offset climate change. The modified trees had up to 50% less lignin and 200% higher carbohydrate-to-lignin ratios.

Key Facts & Points

  • Used CRISPR to edit genes tied to lignin production
  • AI helped identify best gene targets
  • 50% less lignin in some modified trees
  • 200% higher carbohydrate-to-lignin ratio

'Wrinkle in space-time' enables James Webb to capture stunning image of most distant star ever detected

The James Webb telescope captured an image of Earendel, the most distant star ever observed at 12.9 billion light-years away. Its light was magnified by gravitational lensing. Earendel is a massive, hot star that is over 1 million times brighter than our Sun. The image also revealed a possible orbiting companion star.

Key Facts & Points

  • Earendel is 12.9 billion light-years away
  • Its light lensed by a galaxy cluster
  • A massive, hot star over 1 million times brighter than the Sun
  • Image shows possible orbiting companion star

80% of bosses say they regret earlier return-to-office plans: ‘A lot of executives have egg on their faces’

A survey found 80% of executives regret their initial return-to-office plans, saying they lacked employee input. Hybrid work is becoming permanent at many companies. But others like Zoom are mandating office days, risking more turnover. Flexible policies and listening to staff helped some firms like EY improve attendance.

Key Facts & Points

  • 80% of executives regret return-to-office decisions
  • Lacked employee input on preferences
  • Zoom now mandating office days
  • EY saw improvement after adding benefits

Study suggests ‘high sensitivity’ label is used by narcissists and psychopaths as a manipulative tactic

A study found people with narcissistic and psychopathic traits are more likely to signal being “highly sensitive” to manipulate others’ behavior and gain advantage. But the tendency also correlates to innate sensitivity. Genuinely sensitive people may use it to adapt interactions, while manipulators elicit sympathy.

Key Facts & Points

  • Dark triad traits correlate with signaling high sensitivity
  • Used to manipulate and gain social advantage
  • Innate sensitivity also correlates somewhat
  • Genuine vs manipulative usage hard to distinguish

What's the largest planet in the universe?

The largest exoplanets can be up to twice the size of Jupiter but lower density. Largest by mass are around 13 Jupiter masses, at the upper limit before brown dwarfs. Rocky super-Earths max out around 2 Earth masses. Brown dwarfs are "failed stars" with too little mass for hydrogen fusion.

Key Facts & Points

  • Up to 2 times Jupiter's radius
  • 13 Jupiter masses is likely max for planets
  • Super-Earths up to 2 Earth masses
  • Brown dwarfs are "failed stars"