Only Have Time for to Read One Thing Today? Make It This!

The Problem

Content overload. Which to read?


Articles take too long to read (min. 3 min each)


Newsletters take even longer (min. 5 min each)


Who has time for at least 5 articles, 5 newsletters? Not us.


The Solution

Sumletter delivers condensed summaries to save you time

Our AI analyzes top content and summarizes key details

Get the essence of 5 articles or 5 newsletters in just 1 summary

What We Provide - Abilities Read More Personalized Content

The Stats

What you can do in.. Sumletter The Rest
2 mins Catch up with at least 25 content - Forward Thinking Read 2 paragraph of an article
3 mins Read 5 articles - News Roundup Read only 1 article
5 mins Read 5 Newsletters - Newsletter Roundup Read only 1 newsletter


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