Global Temperatures Reach New Highs in 2023

Global temperatures in September 2023 were exceptionally high, breaking previous records by a large margin. This extreme heat is mainly driven by climate change, with smaller contributions from El Nino, reduced air pollution, increasing solar activity, leftover effects from a volcanic eruption, and favorable weather patterns.

  • The preliminary September 2023 global temperature was 1.7°C above pre-industrial levels, 0.5°C higher than the previous record.
  • Major factors contributing to the heat are climate change, El Nino, reduced air pollution, increasing solar activity, and favorable weather patterns over land.
  • Each of these smaller factors only contributes about 0.1-0.2°C warming at most. Climate change is by far the biggest contributor.
  • Even with climate action, we can expect more record-breaking temperatures as greenhouse gas emissions remain high.

Early Human Migration to the Americas Confirmed by New Evidence

New research provides multiple lines of evidence that humans reached the Americas around 23,000 years ago, over 7,000 years earlier than previously thought. This challenges theories that humans only arrived after retreating ice sheets opened an ice-free corridor.

  • Fossil footprints found in NM dated to 23,000 years ago using radiocarbon dating of seeds and optically stimulated luminescence.
  • Critiques about 'old water' effects were addressed by dating pine pollen, which confirmed original dates.
  • Humans were present in the Americas during the last glacial maximum, indicating early migration.
  • The finds rewrite theories about the timing of human arrival and settlement of the Americas.

Providing Accessible Investing For The Masses, Stash Reaches $550M Funding And Eyes An IPO

Stash, a fintech startup providing accessible investing tools for lower and middle income consumers, raised $40M in a convertible note to reach $550M in total funding. With improving margins and nearing profitability by 2024, Stash eyes an IPO while making key hires like a CTO and independent audit chair.

  • Stash raised $40M convertible note led by existing investor T. Rowe Price, reaching $550M in equity and debt funding
  • It grew to 2M active subscribers who have set aside $3B in savings, while revenue neared $125M in 2022
  • Stash cut costs via layoffs to focus on profitability, projecting 75% gross margins in 2023
  • Key hires made like ex-Salesforce CTO Chien-Liang Chou and NYSE ex-CFO Amy Butte as audit chair
  • Stash aims for profitability by end of 2024 and is preparing for a potential IPO in the near future

Record Autumn Heat Driven by Long-Term Emissions, Not Recent Measures

The record heat in autumn 2023 is likely due to long-term increases in greenhouse gases and decreases in cooling aerosols, not recent emission control measures. An El Nino event is also contributing to releasing ocean heat.

  • Global temperatures in September 2023 were 1.75C above pre-industrial levels.
  • Increasing greenhouse gases and declining aerosols have accelerated warming over time.
  • Recent shipping emission controls have a small effect of 0.01-0.02C since 2020.
  • Natural factors like El Nino are releasing ocean heat and contributing to 2023 warmth.

Innovative startups receive funding to tackle climate change and ocean sustainability

Katapult, an investment firm focused on climate tech, selected 23 startups working on climate change and ocean sustainability for its accelerator program. The firms received an average of $230,000 in funding and will get support to sharpen their strategies.

  • Katapult selected 23 startups from 13 countries across 5 continents.
  • Nearly 40% of the chosen startups are led by women.
  • The startups are working on solutions like plant-based meats, reducing food waste, EV charging, renewable energy, recycling, carbon removal, and more.
  • 12 of the companies are focused specifically on ocean sustainability.
  • Katapult has invested around €4-5 million in this cohort of companies.