Matter filters out microplastics, one washer at a time — and raises $10M to go industrial

Matter is a startup that has created a reusable filter called the Gulp that catches microfibers from clothes in washing machines before they can reach and pollute the oceans. Their filter technology allows microplastics to be captured without needing replacement parts. Matter raised $10 million to scale up their solution for industrial applications like wastewater treatment.

Key Facts & Points

  • Aftermarket filter called the Gulp catches microplastics from washing machines
  • Filter uses 'regenerative filtration' to capture microplastics without disposable parts
  • Raised $10M to bring technology to industrial wastewater treatment at scale

The CEO of Rewind AI publicly shared his performance reviews. Some criticized his communication while others praised his leadership.

Dan Siroker, CEO of AI startup Rewind, shared his last 5 years of 360 performance reviews publicly. The candid feedback ranged from criticisms of his passive aggressive communication style to praise for his vision and pushing the team ambitiously. It provides an inside look at the radical transparency practices at Rewind.

Key Facts & Points

  • Rewind AI CEO Dan Siroker posted his 360 feedback reviews publicly
  • Reviews contained critical feedback about his communication style
  • Also contained praise for his leadership and bold vision for the company

The Company Behind Stable Diffusion Appears to Be Crumbling Into Chaos

Stability AI, creator of AI image generator Stable Diffusion, has been facing major issues after raising $100M late last year. Many executives have departed and employees question leadership's grand vision versus operational ability. Lawsuits also allege the CEO misled early investors.

Key Facts & Points

  • Stability AI raised $100M in late 2022 but now executives are rapidly departing
  • Leadership's lofty goals criticized for not matching operational realities
  • Multiple lawsuits question CEO's leadership and allege misleading investors

Mars is spinning faster, and scientists aren't sure why

Data from NASA's Insight Mars lander shows the planet's rotation is speeding up for unknown reasons. Mars' day length is shortening annually by fractions of a millisecond. Theories are changes in polar ice mass or post-glacial rebound may have subtly altered the planet's spin over time.

Key Facts & Points

  • Mars's rotational speed increasing by 4 milliarcseconds per year
  • Shortening the length of Martian day by fractions of a millisecond annually
  • Potential reasons are shifts in polar ice caps or post-glacial rebound