Global temperatures in September 2023 broke previous records by a large 0.5°C margin

driven mainly by climate change but also smaller factors like El Niño, reduced air pollution, and favorable weather patterns. This extreme heat shows we can expect more record-breaking temperatures as emissions remain high even with climate action.

Multiple lines of evidence like fossil footprints dated to 23,000 years ago confirm humans reached the Americas thousands of years earlier than thought

challenging theories about the timing of migration and settlement. The finds indicate humans were present during the last glacial maximum, suggesting early migration before ice sheets opened an ice-free corridor.

Stash, a fintech making investing accessible for lower incomes, raised $550M total and is nearing profitability

prompting plans for a 2024 IPO to capitalize on its growing 2M subscribers and $125M 2022 revenue. Key hires have been made to support the IPO like a CTO and audit chair.

Record autumn heat is attributable to long-term greenhouse gas and aerosol changes rather than recent emission controls

which only affect temperatures by 0.01-0.02°C since 2020. An El Niño event is also contributing by releasing stored ocean heat.

Katapult invested around €5 million in 23 climate and ocean sustainability startups

over a third woman-led, providing funding and support to sharpen strategies for solutions like plant-based meats, EV charging, and recycling.

Atlassian acquired video messaging startup Loom for $975 million

to enhance products like Jira and Confluence, but likely paid far below Loom's $1.5 billion 2021 valuation after its recent struggles.

Google launched new search features and tools to guide climate-friendly transportation,

home improvement, and disaster preparedness choices as it aims to make itself central to climate action.

Top-rated 2023 shows Happy Valley, A Small Light, Reservation Dogs,

Foundation S2 and Drops of God each have a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score so far this year based on critics' reviews.

Unity's CEO resigned after a backlash over a new pricing model

but developers remain distrustful as the board and shareholders who approved the changes remain in place.

Firefox's built-in fake review detector

will soon make it much harder to flood Amazon with AI-generated fake product reviews.