Generative AI Lowering Barriers for Non-Developers

  • Overview: 1/3 of developers already using AI programming tools, but ease of use is a struggle
  • Future: As developers master generative AI, it will enable non-developers through no-code tools
  • Impact: Could shift balance of power in tech by allowing more people to build software

Microsoft Cloud Growth Aided by AI Investments

  • Performance: Microsoft cloud revenue grew 29% thanks to OpenAI partnership
  • Comparison: Google cloud growth slowed despite robust earnings
  • Benefits: AI helping Microsoft boost productivity and reshape business

Amazon Launches AI Tool for Advertisers

  • Feature: New tool generates backgrounds for product images
  • Trend: Part of trend toward AI streamlining creative processes
  • Goal: Aims to improve ad performance and customer experience

UN Launches AI Safety Advisory Body

  • Announcement: The UN has created a new AI Advisory Body to strengthen international cooperation on AI governance.
  • Members: Members include Estonia, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland. The UK was not invited.
  • Timeline: It will meet for the first time on October 25, 2022 and release recommendations by summer 2024.

California DMV Suspends Cruise Robotaxi Permits

  • Action: California DMV suspended all Cruise robotaxi permits in San Francisco
  • Reason: Comes after recent crashes and DMV investigation into safety concerns
  • Stipulation: DMV says Cruise must prove it can meet safety requirements before reinstatement

Study Uses AI to Detect Distress in Healthcare Workers

  • Research: NYU researchers used AI to analyze therapy sessions during early COVID-19
  • Findings: Keywords like ICUs, lack of sleep, and mood swings helped AI detect distress
  • Implications: Could help address burnout and mental health issues in healthcare workers

Twelve Labs Unveils Video Understanding AI

  • Launch: Twelve Labs launched Pegasus-1, an AI model that can understand videos.
  • Capability: Pegasus-1 can watch a video and summarize the content.
  • Applications: Enables new applications like automated content moderation, product tagging, and monitoring safety compliance.


Google Planning Major AI Push in 2024

  • Strategy: Google is betting on AI to drive growth in 2024, including ChatGPT rival Gemini and app-building tool Stubbs.
  • Transition: Gemini will replace PaLM as the engine behind Google's Bard chatbot.
  • Competition: Google needs proof points to back up its AI ambitions and compete with Microsoft's adoption.

Other AI News

  • OpenAI offering $25K in API credits for AI safety ideas.
  • ChatGPT's knowledge cutoff potentially moved to April 2023.
  • YouAI tool turns books into chatbots.