Music Publishers Sue Anthropic Over Lyrics

  • Major music studios accuse Anthropic of illegally using 500+ lyrics to train Claude.
  • Claim Claude regurgitates copyrighted lines when prompted.
  • Studios include Universal Music, ABKCO, Concord.

How to alleviate friction between remote and in-office workers

  • 74% of in-office workers think being in the office gives promotion advantage over remote workers
  • 72% think in-office workers should be paid more than remote workers
  • HR can be a "bridge" to facilitate discussions between employees to resolve issues

Meta Expands Broadcast Channels

  • Meta expanded Broadcast Channels from Instagram to Facebook Messenger and Facebook
  • It's a one-way messaging tool for brands to send updates to followers
  • Helps facilitate engagement with dedicated audiences

Tofu Automates B2B Content Creation

  • AI-powered platform generates content for campaigns
  • Seeks to unify tools marketing teams use
  • Currently in beta for enterprise customers

DeepSparse Enables Fast Inference on CPUs

  • DeepSparse accelerates inference on CPUs using sparsity and quantization.
  • It allows deploying models on CPUs without compromising speed.
  • On MosaicML's MPT-7B model, DeepSparse achieves 7x speedup versus the dense version.

Aperol's Marketing Strategy in the US

  • Aperol's parent company Campari aims to make happy hours in the US more European through "aperitivo hour"
  • This ritual involves enjoying bittersweet carbonated aperitivo drinks like Aperol spritz before dinner
  • Campari's US marketing head Andrea Sengara leads a team focused on bringing Aperol into pop culture

Women's Sports Marketing Momentum

  • Women's sports leagues seeing record attendance, signaling growing audience appeal
  • Marketers acknowledge barriers to tapping this audience but see momentum dismantling them
  • Disney exec says collective momentum makes predicting women's sports growth impossible but sees huge potential
  • AI can automate tasks and speed research but risks like fake precedents exist
  • Adopting premium AI tools could substantially increase legal tech spending
  • Lawyers debate ignoring efficiency gains vs managing risks of AI adoption

Waymo Launches New AV Simulator Waymax

  • Waymax simulates complex behaviors for more realistic AV training
  • Uses large behavioral dataset instead of predefined agent behaviors
  • Focuses on interactions between road users in lightweight simulator

SeeMe Index measures beauty brands' inclusivity

  • Former Google execs launched the SeeMe Index to rate beauty brands on inclusivity
  • It uses AI to analyze ads, products, and commitments across identity dimensions
  • Top scoring brands receive a Seal of Approval scoring 200+ points

Sales of non-alcoholic beverages surge for Sober October

  • Sober October is growing in popularity as a fundraiser and sober challenge
  • Jungle Scout data shows sales of non-alcoholic drinks are surging on Amazon
  • The sober curious movement continues to gain interest

AI may worsen declining trust and enable propaganda

  • AI can produce convincing fake information and propaganda
  • This exacerbates declining trust, polarization, and a broken media model
  • Leaders have warned AI could make this worse

Introducing the idea of epistemic integrity

  • Epistemic integrity reflects how well facts are ensured in society
  • It measures the robustness of knowledge systems
  • The author has considered this concept for some time

ChatGPT Gets Major Upgrades

  • ChatGPT can now access the internet via Bing, bringing it up to date on current events
  • DALL-E 3 image generator is now in beta and integrated directly into ChatGPT, making it easier to use
  • OpenAI's upcoming developer conference may reveal new products like autonomous agents

Baidu Unveils Powerful New AI Model

  • Ernie 4.0 is Baidu's latest AI chatbot to compete with ChatGPT
  • Baidu claims Ernie 4.0 matches GPT-4 in capabilities
  • Its deployment faces hurdles due to US semiconductor export restrictions

Proposed Solution for AI Music Industry

  • Ghostwriter proposed a licensing clearinghouse so artists get revenue from AI songs
  • Would allow artists control over AI voice usage while spreading earnings and exposure
  • Big labels remain skeptical about adopting this approach