Twitter's revenue has dropped 55% on average over the past year

  • Data shows Twitter's revenue has fallen significantly every month since Musk took over, down over 60% year-over-year in recent months.

Target Global lawsuit alleges hidden Russian ties

  • Lawsuit claims Target Global hid Russian citizenship of company directors amid sanctions scrutiny.

AI hiring demand surges but skills shortage persists

  • AI job postings have doubled but recruiters lack expertise, with senior AI talent commanding high salaries.

Monzo hires new US CEO for expansion plans

  • UK neobank Monzo hired a Cash App exec as new US CEO for second attempt at US expansion.

Large Sites Dominate Top Rankings for Keywords

  • Study found large media sites get top search rankings for 86% of keywords vs only 14% for independent sites.

AI Deepfake of MrBeast Goes Undetected on TikTok

  • Viral TikTok MrBeast video offering iPhones was an undetected AI deepfake, showing advancing technology.

University of Cambridge launching new startup initiative

  • Cambridge hired a new exec to lead an initiative supporting students and alumni in founding startups.

Mistral AI releases free large language model Mistral 7B

  • French startup Mistral AI released free 13GB model Mistral 7B under Apache license, outperforming similar models.

Astronaut Trapped in Space for Record 371 Days Due to Damaged Spacecraft

  • NASA astronaut Frank Rubio spent record 371 days on ISS after Soyuz capsule damage prevented return.

First Image of Black Hole Reveals It's Spinning

  • First black hole image shows 11-year jet oscillation cycles, supporting Einstein's relativity theory.

Salmon Escape in Iceland Raises Alarm for Wild Populations

  • Escape of thousands of mature farmed salmon in Iceland sparks concerns about breeding with and disease transmission to wild salmon.

Key Testimony in Trial Against Sam Bankman-Fried

  • Former Alameda CEO said SBF directed financial crimes, aiming to prove he knew of improper FTX-Alameda connection.

Free returns and sustainability

  • Retailers balancing customer experience with environmental impact as returns cut into profits.

Harassment by the numbers

  • Data shows disabled individuals face disproportionately high sexual harassment rates at work.

Alleged Deepfake Audio of UK Opposition Leader Highlights Threat to Democracy

  • Leaked clip allegedly showing UK opposition leader hurling abuse raises concerns about undetectable political deepfakes.

Bing AI Image Creator Now Self-Censors

  • Bing AI censoring itself after inappropriate images, even blocking innocuous requests.

Trending TikTok sounds

  • TikTok sounds "What Can I Say", "What We Need to Do Now", and "I Will Want Myself" trending in videos.

AI Language Models Help Detect Schizophrenia

  • AI model better predicted control group's verbal fluency task responses, implying language differences tied to "cognitive maps".

Luxury Laundry Rooms Become Latest Status Symbol for Millennials

  • Millennials spending lavishly on laundry room upgrades with high-end finishes and appliances as display of wealth.

New Webb Images Reveal Mysterious Planetary Objects in Orion Nebula

  • Webb images revealed Jupiter-mass binary objects challenging planetary formation theories.

Telegram's Evolution into a Decentralized Super App

  • Telegram allowing mini apps and partnering with TON and Tencent to become open, decentralized super app.

Arc browser integrates AI to enhance user experience

  • Browser Arc added AI features like tab renaming, link summarizing, and ChatGPT via GPT-3.5 and Anthropic models.

Rivian's Path to Profitability Relies on Increasing EV Production

  • Rivian leveraging Normal facility to scale EV production, lower costs, and reach profitability.

Adobe predicts 4.8% increase in 2023 holiday online sales

  • Adobe forecasts $221.8B in online holiday sales driven by steady consumer spending and e-commerce growth.

Retailers cracking down on organized retail crime

  • Retailers collaborating with law enforcement and implementing technology to combat theft rings.

Geoffrey Hinton Discusses AI Progress and Risks

  • Hinton sees AI surpassing humans soon but warns of misuse, suggesting regulations and treaties.

Docker Launches GenAI Stack for AI Development

  • Docker released integrated tools like Neo4j and LLMs to streamline building robust AI applications.

Adobe Released a Super Icon to Combat Misinformation

  • Adobe and BBC created an icon to certify images use metadata for transparency.

We’re Turning Designers into Factory Workers

  • Push for efficiency over creativity risks making designers factory workers optimizing for speed.

Scammer Stole $100 Million from Tech Companies

  • Scammer impersonated supplier, got $100M payment, showing misplaced sums at scale.