Climate Tech Funding Dips to Lowest Level Since 2020

Funding for European climate tech startups dropped to its lowest level since October 2020, with companies raising only $575 million in July 2022. This represents a 77% decline compared to July 2021, when climate tech companies raised $2.5 billion.

Key Facts & Points

  • Climate tech funding in Europe has slowed significantly in 2023, with a 43% decline in venture funding compared to the first half of 2022.
  • Deals in July 2022 included's $33 million Series B and Ecoworks' €22 million raise.
  • Analysis shows that lower valuations and a correction from the 2021 venture capital boom are contributing factors.

AudioCraft - Meta's AI Tools for Audio Generation

Meta has released AudioCraft, a suite of open source AI tools for generating music, audio effects, and soundscapes from text prompts. It allows creators to compose complex audio just by describing it.

Key Facts & Points

  • AudioCraft uses Meta's AudioGen for effects, MusicGen for compositions, and a neural compression codec.
  • It can simulate orchestras, soundscapes, and melodies using text-to-audio generation.
  • AudioCraft is intended to enhance creativity and accessibility for audio content creation.
  • Sample audio clips show the realistic results able to be generated using AudioCraft.

Creator Community Building Strategies

Transitioning from an audience to a engaged community involves co-creation, feedback loops, empowering members, and more.

Key Facts & Points

  • Start by ideating content with the community to tap into their interests.
  • Co-create by having members collaborate directly on podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Gather real-time feedback through live editing sessions and content previews.
  • Appoint community members as moderators and managers to empower them.
  • Encourage members to share content to their own networks through ambassador programs.
  • Make them marketers by involving members in marketing and sales efforts.