Why Demographics Matter to Investors

Demographics like age distribution and birth rates affect economic growth, inflation, interest rates, and voting behavior.

Key Facts & Points

  • Baby booms are inflationary - higher spending on housing, cars, appliances, childcare. Peak spending around 40s.
  • Aging populations are deflationary as spending drops but can cause higher healthcare costs from voting.
  • Birth rate drops reduce productivity growth but impact on inflation depends on if healthcare costs rise from aging voters.

The Troubles at VanMoof

Dutch e-bike maker VanMoof filed for insolvency in the UK after doing the same in the Netherlands. A potential buyer has emerged.

Key Facts & Points

  • VanMoof filed for UK insolvency without informing customers.
  • Micromobility.com, which sells e-scooters and bikes, is preparing a bid to acquire VanMoof.
  • VanMoof has struggled with supply chain issues, shipping delays, and overexpansion.

AI Chatbots and VR Prototypes from Meta

Meta is developing AI chatbot personas for user engagement and unveiled VR headset prototypes focused on visual clarity.

Key Facts & Points

  • AI chatbot personas will act as digital companions on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Prototypes aim for retinal resolution and realistic AR pass-through via light fields.
  • Personas could roll out as early as September to boost engagement.

The GPU Shortage and AI Progress

Limited GPU supply is bottlenecking AI deployments. Shortage expected to persist into 2024 before demand met.

Key Facts & Points

  • GPU shortage slowing model training and product rollouts requiring AI inference.
  • Cryptocurrency demand and supply chain issues constrain production.
  • New GPUs like Nvidia's H100 will help but full resolution a couple years away.

Evaluating Student Writing in the AI Era

Teachers will need to focus on the process of writing over the final product as AI generation makes essays easy to fake.

Key Facts & Points

  • Assessing the process students use prevents cheating via AI.
  • Questions where the answering process can't be simulated will be important.
  • The writing process itself remains a valuable learning experience.