Is YouTube Still Tracking Kids?

TLDR: Recent reports suggest Google may still be collecting data from and targeting ads to children on YouTube, violating COPPA and its consent decree.

Key Facts & Points

  • YouTube has "made for kids" designation that bans data collection and ad targeting.
  • But reports found trackers and targeted ads on those videos.
  • If true, could face fines up to $50K per violation.
  • COPPA difficult for big tech to comply with due to popularity with kids.
  • Google denies wrongdoing.

New EU Rules Apply to Big Tech Companies

TLDR: Major new EU digital regulations take effect Sept 1 requiring changes by tech giants on issues like content moderation, targeted ads, transparency, and more.

Key Facts & Points

  • Rules apply to companies like Google, Apple, Meta, Microsoft.
  • Ban targeted ads based on protected characteristics.
  • Require reporting of illegal content, content moderation appeals.
  • More transparency around algorithms and ad libraries.
  • Fines up to 6% of global revenue for violations.
  • EU stress tested companies' readiness.
  • Companies claim compliance but challenges ahead.

Using Space Bags to Clear Up Orbital Debris

TransAstra received a NASA contract to develop inflatable space bags that could help capture orbital debris and bring it down safely.

Key Facts & Points

  • There are over 26,500 tracked pieces of debris in orbit, plus millions more untracked.
  • Space bags would inflate in orbit and move around collecting debris.
  • Allows bringing junk down safely to Earth for disposal.
  • $850,000 NASA contract to develop concept.
  • Still years away from flight readiness if pursued.
  • Builds on TransAstra's work on asteroid capturing bags.

Concerns Over Forest Carbon Offset Credits

Research finds many forest carbon credit projects have not reduced deforestation as claimed, meaning offsets do not represent real emissions reductions.

Key Facts & Points

  • Forest carbon projects sell credits representing emissions avoided by reducing deforestation.
  • But study shows projects overestimated reductions.
  • Credits don't represent real carbon savings.
  • Buyers use credits to claim carbon neutrality.
  • Undermines trust in $1B offset market critical for forest conservation.
  • Need independent governance and scientific methods.
  • Highlights challenges of offsets for climate action.

DeForm's $4.6M Seed Round for Web3 Marketing

Web3 marketing startup DeForm raised $4.6M to provide marketers with blockchain-based tools to tailor initiatives for crypto users.

Key Facts & Points

  • DeForm helps marketers understand crypto users via wallet data.
  • Provides tailored web3 marketing based on blockchain activity.
  • Platform is blockchain agnostic, built on Alchemy.
  • Seed round led by Kindred Ventures.
  • Funds to expand team, solve multi-chain challenges.
  • Notable partners include Coinbase unit Base.
  • Aims to augment digital marketing with web3.