Amazon same-day fulfillment takes 11 minutes

Amazon has leveraged supply chain investments to significantly improve delivery speeds for Prime customers in 2022, which could boost earnings. But it notes that rivals are trying to catch up.

Key Facts & Points

  • Delivered over 1.8 billion items to U.S. Prime members same-day or next-day so far in 2022, 4x the volume in 2019
  • The average time for an Amazon same-day facility to prepare an order for delivery is 11 minutes
  • Distance between Amazon sites and customers has decreased by 15% in 2022
  • 12% fewer touchpoints within Amazon's middle mile delivery network

Steve Jobs’s Son Gets Into Venture Capital

Reed Jobs is launching a unique VC/nonprofit hybrid called Yosemite to advance cancer research, inspired by his father Steve Jobs' cancer diagnosis and death. The firm has raised significant funding and aims to synergize giving out research grants with making for-profit investments.

Key Facts & Points

  • Reed was inspired to focus on cancer after his father's diagnosis when Reed was 12
  • He interned at Stanford on cancer research at 15 and studied pre-med in college
  • After Steve's death, Reed switched majors but later returned to health/cancer focus
  • At Emerson he led health investing in cancer companies and research grants
  • Yosemite will operate as both VC firm and nonprofit to fund cancer research
  • Goal is to create cycle where researchers get grants, then return for VC funding later
  • Approach shown successful with Tune Therapeutics company

Apple TV+ releases trailer for new Snoopy special

An upcoming Peanuts/Snoopy special on Apple TV+ that will highlight the character Marcie and her influence as an introverted problem-solver who helps friends and community. It premieres August 18 as the first Snoopy special centered specifically on Marcie.

Key Facts & Points

  • Marcie is typically a supporting character, now the focus
  • Special shows how "introvert Marcie makes a difference behind the scenes"
  • Marcie helps Peppermint Patty train for a golf tournament as her caddie
  • Marcie comes up with solutions to classmates' problems and gets voted class president
  • Apple says it shows how Marcie makes a big impact quietly from the background