Runway Announces Creative Partners Program

AI video creation startup Runway launched a Creative Partners Program granting select users early access to new features, unlimited plans, and 1 million credits.

Key Facts & Points

  • Runway makes AI generative video creation tools.
  • The new program gives some users unlimited plans and credits.
  • Participants get early access to new features before public release.
  • They also get priority access to Runway Studios grants.
  • Applications are open to anyone, not just paid users.
  • Runway continually expands its AI video offerings.
  • This program helps build a creator community, like YouTube.
  • Could be a first step to making a dominant AI video platform.

Google and Nvidia Partner on AI Infrastructure

Google Cloud and Nvidia are collaborating to develop new AI infrastructure to help companies build advanced machine learning products.

Key Facts & Points

  • The partnership was announced at the Google Cloud Next conference.
  • It aims to support startups needing computing power for generative AI.
  • Google optimized its Bard chatbot to run on Nvidia's H100 chips.
  • Nvidia chips power Google Cloud's virtual machines and AI services.
  • Nvidia's AI software is now on Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • Allows customers to tap Nvidia accelerated computing.
  • Collaboration builds on existing partnerships over the past 2 years.
  • Expands access to tools for companies needing cloud services.
  • Partnership centers on enabling next-gen AI development.

Netflix Loses Subscribers in Australia After Password Crackdown

Netflix's subscriber numbers declined in Australia for the first time since 2015 after it introduced restrictions on password sharing.

Key Facts & Points

  • Netflix subscribers dropped 3% year-over-year in Australia.
  • The first decline there since 2015, down to 6.1 million users.
  • It is attributed to password sharing crackdowns and the addition of ads.
  • Australia is an outlier as numbers rose in the US after restrictions.
  • Password rules made Netflix a worse experience for Australians.
  • Still remains the most popular streaming service in Australia.
  • The crackdown on password sharing was aimed at boosting revenue.
  • But seems to have backfired in the Australian market.

Apple Seeks More Manufacturing Support from India

TLDR: Apple executives reportedly met with India's government to discuss aligning policies to further support iPhone manufacturing expansion in the country.

Key Facts & Points

  • Meeting between Apple India and Finance Ministry focused on smartphone manufacturing.
  • Comes after India introduced device import license requirements.
  • Apple has moved 7% of iPhone production to India, aiming for 25%.
  • India's trade minister said goal is 25% iPhone production in country.
  • iPhone 15 models now in near-simultaneous production in India and China.
  • Apple looking to reduce reliance on China as sole iPhone production source.