NYT Limits AI's Appetite

The New York Times prohibits using its content to train AI models

The New York Times updated its terms to prohibit using its content to train AI systems without permission. This may be a response to Google saying it can use public web data for AI training.

Key Facts & Points

  • NYT bans using its content to train AI without permission
  • Changes made after Google said it can use public web data
  • AI models like ChatGPT trained on scraped web data
  • NYT signed $100M content deal with Google in February
  • Move may target companies besides Google like OpenAI

Ancient Fiji's Lessons from a Volcano

A dramatic volcano eruption changed lives in Fiji 2,500 years agoβ€”100 generations have kept the story alive

Oral traditions passed down for 100 generations in Fiji encode memories of a volcanic eruption 2,500 years ago on Kadavu island. They provide insights into the eruption through mythological narratives.

Key Facts & Points

  • Oral stories describe the formation of mountain Nabukelevu
  • Passing clouds and ocean tsunami signs match the eruption
  • Sequence of island creation aligns with ash cloud pattern
  • Shows ancients encoded risk management in stories
  • Passed down accurately for over 100 generations

Spin the Wheel of the Web: A Serendipitous Safari for Your Phone

'Web Roulette!' Is an Addictive Browser for Your iPhone

Web Roulette! is an iPhone web browser app with no tabs, address bar or back button, just swiping between sites. It makes browsing random, fun sites addictive like Tinder or TikTok.

Key Facts & Points

  • Swipe between sites like Tinder or TikTok videos
  • Add favorite sites or shake for random new ones
  • Bookmark discoveries and share via social media
  • No tabs, forward/back buttons, extensions
  • Reminiscent of old StumbleUpon discovery

In Defense of Tomorrow: Spain's Bold Climate Initiative

A new climate law in the Balearic Islands aims to protect the well-being of present and future generations

A new climate law in Spain's Balearic Islands passed after a citizens' initiative creates a Commission focused on the well-being of current and future generations. It aims to balance interests and represents an important step.

Key Facts & Points

  • Commission mandated by pioneering new climate law
  • Addresses the well-being of present and future generations
  • Must balance interests amid tourism dependence
  • Tackles defining well-being beyond the status quo
  • Gives voice to vulnerable communities
  • Faces opposition from governing parties

Apple's Interstellar Romance

Apple TV+ romantic sci-fi film 'Fingernails' sets premiere date

Apple TV+ acquired the romantic sci-fi film "Fingernails" starring Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed will premiere in theaters and streaming on November 3, 2023.

Key Facts & Points

  • Stars Jessie Buckley, Riz Ahmed, Jeremy Allen White
  • Explores love in the social media age through a sci-fi lens
  • Set in a retro world before iPhones and Teslas
  • Shot on film instead of digital
  • Acquired after 2022 Cannes debut
  • Directed by Christos Nikou
  • Produced by Cate Blanchett's company

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