Celebs x Celsius

  • Celsius rebranded from a weight loss to a fitness drink in 2012 but gained popularity in 2020.
  • The brand connects with influencers to build awareness.
  • It recently partnered with Jake Paul and hosted a pickleball tournament at David Dobrik's house.

Attacks & Vulnerabilities

  • BBTok banking malware campaign targets 40+ Mexican/Brazilian banks to steal 2FA codes and card numbers
  • Microsoft researchers accidentally exposed 38TB of data including backups and secrets by misconfiguring an Azure token
  • Apple patched 3 actively exploited zero-day flaws in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and Safari, bringing total zero-days this year to 16

Launches & Tools

  • Cisco acquiring Splunk for $28B in massive enterprise software deal
  • 1Password enables passkey creation, management, and login via mobile and web
  • Aftermath macOS framework from JAMF collects and analyzes data from compromised hosts

Move over Photoshop! Microsoft Paint now has layers and transparency

  • Windows introduced one-click background removal on September 7.
  • It detects subjects and removes the background smoothly.
  • The update also adds support for transparency and layers.

Substack’s Redesign Makes it Feel Like a More Traditional Social Media App

  • A new "Home" tab improves content discoverability.
  • It features a swipeable queue of posts from subscriptions.
  • The redesign makes Substack feel more like a social network.

The Origin of the Four-Day Workweek

  • The four-day workweek concept originated in the 1930s as workers made gains in the movement to work less.
  • In 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act codified a 44-hour week (later 40 hours) as the norm for hourly workers.

Studies Show Productivity Benefits of Shorter Workweeks

  • UK and Iceland pilot programs found most workers were enthusiastic about shorter weeks and companies saw increased productivity.
  • Skeptics doubt most workers can maintain output with fewer hours.

Where oil and gas companies invest

  • Since 2009, oil giants like Saudi Aramco and Shell have made around 200 startup investments.
  • 25% of deals in industrial tech for existing oil and gas industry.
  • Just 7% of deals in carbon capture, 5.5% in renewable energy.

Selling SVB to HSBC was the "wrong decision"

  • OakNorth CEO says they bid "100 times more" for SVB than HSBC.
  • OakNorth CEO believes HSBC is too big to properly support high-growth companies.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Hotel Opening

  • The $3.7 billion Fontainebleau Las Vegas opens Dec. 13 and will be Nevada's tallest building.
  • It will feature Papi Steak's $1,000 Wagyu tomahawk presented in a rhinestone briefcase.