India Reaches Historic Lunar Milestone

India's Chandrayaan-3 lunar lander successfully touched down on the Moon's south pole, making India the first country to reach this coveted region.

Key Facts & Points

  • Chandrayaan-3 is India's latest moon mission by the Indian Space Research Organization.
  • Landing on the south pole could confirm ice water for future colonization.
  • Follows recent crash of Russian lander also aiming for the south pole region.
  • Milestone demonstrates India's advancing space capabilities.


Apple Stock Remains Undervalued by Big Investors

Despite strong performance, Apple stock remains undervalued by major institutional investors compared to other large tech firms.

Key Facts & Points

  • Apple saw a large increase in institutional ownership but remains most under-owned.
  • Microsoft and other tech giants also remain under-owned stocks.
  • Meta is now the most over-owned tech stock by institutions.
  • Morgan Stanley predicts iPhone and Services will continue boosting Apple.
  • Apple expected to see earnings jump after iPhone 15 launch.

Google and Samsung Developing Augmented Reality Headset to Compete with Apple

Google and Samsung are partnering to develop an augmented reality headset to compete with Apple's recently announced AR headset.

Key Facts & Points

  • Google has struggled to make progress in AR/VR technology over the past decade despite various projects.
  • Samsung wants to build an AR headset similar to Apple's Vision Pro.
  • The project is codenamed "Moohan" and will run on Android software.
  • Launch is reportedly targeted for 2024 but some employees are skeptical of the timeline.
  • Google has other internal AR teams working on different projects creating organizational challenges.
  • The partnership faces challenges but is Google's most viable path to launching AR headset hardware.


Tips for Effective Negotiation

In negotiations, avoid reacting from a perception of weakness. Have confidence in your value and carefully assess the situation.

Researchers have advice for being a stronger negotiator:

  • Perceived lower power can lead to weaker first offers. Candidates are offered lower salaries when feeling less powerful.
  • It's better to counteroffer than make the first offer if you feel disadvantaged.
  • Think of yourself as worthy and avoid self-imposed low anchors.
  • Take time to assess rather than rushing into a deal.

Key Steps

  1. Make the counteroffer rather than the first offer.
  2. View yourself as deserving the better deal.
  3. Avoid biases from self-imposed low anchors.

Hugging Face Raises $235M in Funding for Open Source AI Platform

Hugging Face, an open source AI startup, has raised $235 million in a funding round led by Salesforce.
The large funding round demonstrates strong demand for Hugging Face's open source AI capabilities.

Key Facts & Points

  • The round included other major tech companies like Google, Amazon, and IBM.
  • Brings Hugging Face's valuation to $4 billion.
  • Funding will support growing the team and open source AI platform.
  • Validates broad interest in open source AI tools.
  • Salesforce expanding investment in AI technology.
  • Partnerships growing between Hugging Face and enterprises.