Stocks Soaring Thanks to AI Boom

  • The stock market was closed on Monday for Labor Day after a rough August.
  • But stocks have been surging overall this year, up over 20% for the S&P 500, thanks to companies like Nvidia leading the AI boom.


Burning Man Festival Disrupted by Mud

  • A rainstorm hit the Burning Man festival, turning the desert venue into a mud pit.
  • Tens of thousands were stranded over the weekend until they got the OK to leave Monday.
  • The event's growth shows how mainstream it has become, but also raises questions about its environmental impact.


Novo Nordisk Overtakes LVMH, Ukraine Defense Minister Resigns

  • Novo Nordisk, maker of weight loss drugs like Ozempic, became Europe's most valuable company, surpassing LVMH's value.
  • Ukraine's Defense Minister resigned after corruption scandals, will be replaced by Rustem Umerov.
  • European airlines like BA and EasyJet are discounting flights for the post-summer slump.


Invasive Species Cost $423B in Damages

  • A UN report found invasive species cost the world over $400 billion in economic damages annually.
  • Top threats are water hyacinth, which overtakes waterways, and invasive grasses that can transform icy tundra.
  • Border control is the best prevention method, along with targeted releases of predators.


Hollywood Strikes Cost California Billions

  • The ongoing Hollywood writers' and actors' strikes have already cost California almost $5 billion in economic losses.
  • Over 100 days into the writers' strike, no resolution is in sight.


F1 Racer Max Verstappen Won 10 Consecutive Races

  • Verstappen earned the record for most consecutive F1 victories by winning his 10th race in a row.
  • His Red Bull team is aiming to go undefeated this entire season.


Snapchat to Become Fastest Growing Social Media Platform in 2023

  • Snapchat is projected to grow its user base by 13.4% in 2023.
  • Almost 60% of internet users aged 13-24 use Snapchat daily.
  • Growth driven by popularity among younger generations.


Marketing to Gen Z: How to Get It Right

  • 87% of Gen Z want multi-channel brand experiences and experiential shopping.
  • They value authenticity, playfulness, and fun.
  • Brands using digital out-of-home advertising to build consumer trust.


How to Create a Lead Magnet People Will Love

  • Lead magnets exchange value, like free templates or resources.
  • Make it unique, write compelling CTAs, focus on customers.
  • Let your audience be the hero of your messaging.

New EU Innovation Commissioner Nominated

  • Iliana Ivanova has been nominated as the new EU Commissioner for Innovation and Research.
  • She will oversee implementation of EU startup strategy and innovation initiatives if appointed.
  • Ivanova wants more non-EU countries like UK and Switzerland to join EU research program.

Wirecard Whistleblower Launches Own Platform

  • The man who blew the whistle on Wirecard has started his own whistleblowing platform.
  • It is aimed at helping other whistleblowers safely raise concerns about their companies.

Earlybird Loses French Investment Team

  • Earlybird VC has lost both members of its French investment team less than 2 years after opening Paris office.
  • Salomon Aiach and Cécile Treboit are leaving the firm.
  • Unclear when the roles will be replaced.

Founders Future Raising €150M Climate & AI Fund

  • French VC Founders Future raising €150M fund for climate and AI startups.
  • Will invest across Europe.


Antler Raising €150M for Nordic Startups

  • Company builder Antler raising €150M fund for Nordic startups.
  • Has seen 5x increase in applications from ex-startup employees since layoffs began.
  • Has closed €50M so far.


Unconventional Ventures Raising Diverse Founder Fund

  • Unconventional Ventures raising €30M fund for diverse founders.
  • Investors include Atomico and Export/Investment Fund of Denmark.
  • Over half of target already raised.