AI Deepfakes Are Getting Better & More Problematic

  • Viral TikTok video of Mr. Beast giving away iPhones was an AI deepfake
  • AI deepfakes going undetected by platforms like TikTok
  • Tools like YouTube dubbing and Maverick/Gan allow easy AI content creation

Anthropic Might Raise At A $20-30B Valuation

  • Anthropic, creator of Claude, may raise $2B from Amazon and Google
  • Potential $20-30B valuation is 200x its $100M revenue
  • Comes after OpenAI's huge suggested valuation increase

LinkedIn Launches New AI Tools

  • LinkedIn releasing AI tools for recruiting, job hunting, marketing, and sales
  • Tools powered by OpenAI

Freshen Up: PepsiCo, KFC, Nestlé, and more...

  • PepsiCo is discontinuing Mountain Dew Kickstart, an energy drink-soda hybrid, by the end of 2022.
  • KFC launchedBeyond Fried Chicken nationally for a limited time after testing in select markets.
  • Nestlé is accelerating its plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions, aiming for 2030 from its previous target of 2050.
  • Coca-Cola is cutting over half of its portfolio brands, discontinuing niche drinks like Tab, Zico coconut water, and Odwalla juices. It plans to focus on its core brands like Coke, Sprite, and Dasani.
  • PepsiCo aims to use 100% renewable electricity across all U.S. direct operations by 2030 and in all global operations by 2040. It also plans to cut virgin plastic use per serving by 50% by 2030.

HCVC launches $75 million fund for hardtech startups

  • Fund will invest in pre-seed and seed stage hardtech startups across sectors like climate, defense, and aerospace
  • Will write checks from €250k to €2.5 million
  • Focused on startups building at intersection of hardware and software

Major funding rounds for European climate techs

  • French plant-based meat startup Umiami raised €32.5M
  • Granular Energy (France) raised €7.5M for green energy software
  • EV charging startup Swish (France) raised €47M
  • Greenwood-Power (Austria) raised €5.1M for power sensors