Bloom wants to teach Gen Z how to build wealth

Bloom, an investing app aimed at teenagers that teaches them about stocks and finance. It has reached 1 million downloads since launching in 2022. Bloom provides lessons and quizzes to educate users aged 13+ on investing basics. It charges $15/month and has generated 7-figure recurring revenue. Initially focused on teens, most users are now aged 18-25.

Key Facts & Points

  • Reached 1 million downloads after launching in Feb 2022
  • Users have taken over 10 million investing lessons
  • Generated 7-figure annual recurring revenue
  • 75% of users now aged 18-25, flipped from original teen focus

See Inside a Ghost Town of Abandoned Mansions in China

An abandoned housing development in China called State Guest Mansions was planned to have 260 European-style villas but construction halted after 2 years, leaving partially built mansions. The interiors still have lavish decor. Local farmers now use the land for crops and animals. Experts cite overdevelopment and corruption for the failure.

Key Facts & Points

  • State Guest Mansions planned to have 260 villas
  • Construction halted after 2 years
  • Interiors have marble floors, chandeliers despite being abandoned
  • Farmers now using land for crops and animals

The Unexpected $30 KitchenAid Attachment That Can Help Make Meal Prep So Much Speedier

KitchenAid's Large Food Tray attachment for easier meal prep with a stand mixer. It clips onto the grinder/strainer attachment and expands capacity so you can process larger batches without constant reloading. Reviewers praise it for grinding more meat at once and straining big batches of produce. It's also easy to clean.

Key Facts & Points

  • Large Food Tray attachment expands capacity of grinder/strainer
  • Lets you process larger batches without constant reloading
  • Reviewers praise ability to grind more meat at once
  • Also makes straining big batches of produce easier

Google’s Reading Mode app for Android can save you from the worst of web design

Google's Reading Mode app for Android  strips away ads, popups etc and presents just text content cleanly. It's intended as an accessibility feature but benefits anyone reading on their phone. You can swipe to activate it and customize text. It works across apps and browsers to make consuming content easier.

Key Facts & Points

  • Can be activated by swipe gesture
  • Customizable text options
  • Works across browsers and apps